About Me

Jane KellyHi, I’m Jane Kelly, owner of Jane Kelly Designs. I love anything to do with being creative and have always enjoyed making and growing things. I discovered my creativity when I started using computers and found that I had a good eye for graphic design. Later, I found my love of photography, which led me to being a partner in a publishing company and producing ‘PHOTOSHOOT Magazine’, a publication for photographers, makeup artists, models and others working in the creative industries. I am the Editor-in-Chief for the magazine, as well as a photographer and graphic designer.

In my earlier career, I worked in administration, teaching and management.  I then ran my own training company, teaching soft skills, such as confidence building, assertiveness and dealing with difficult people. I also assisted small businesses and start-ups with consultancy, PR and website design.  Back then, doing up old furniture was a hobby and I did it when I could. My first up-cycling project was on an old desk. I stripped off the thick layer of varnish it had on it and brought it back to its natural finish.

I now live and work in both the UK and France and have taken my business and hobby and love of up-cycling and formed a company in France, recycling and selling furniture and a registered Marketing Advisor.

I hope you enjoy my journey and reading about my latest projects.

Jane Kelly, Cert Ed, B.A.

Siret No:  823 619 457