Beginners Product Photography Workshops

Learn how to take your own professional product photography images

"The perceived value of your products is directly impacted by the quality of your product photography."

JANE KELLY DESIGNS PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPSThese days, most business is carried out on-line and almost all shops have a website selling or showcasing their goods or services. With the current trend for unique goods, consumers are more than ever buying from Artisans, which means there is a need to use high quality images to showcase your products to remain competitive and get noticed worldwide.

Jane Kelly Designs Product Photography WorkshopsOf course, having a professional studio, with all the right gear, would be a great option for your product photography. But if you are just starting out, on a tight budget or just want to improve your photography and take your own images, then with a little knowledge and some basic equipment, you can achieve your very own, high quality images for all types of media.

Jane Kelly Designs Product Photography WorkshopsOn our  beginners workshop, you will learn:

  1. Devices – Learn how to use a variety of devices, such as your compact camera, SLR/DSLR camera and even your smartphone. You will be amazed at what you can achieve from simple devices, with just a little bit of knowledge.
  2. Methods – Learn how to shoot in our photography studio with professional lighting, use a light boxes, a ‘natural light studio’ and on location. Also, learn how easy it is to build your own home studio.
  3. Setting-the-scene – Learn how to work with different backgrounds and backdrops and to dress your set with props. Understand the various image types and looks needed for your audience.
  4. Techniques – Learn different camera techniques to get the right exposure and work with different types of lighting, including natural light. Learn angles to display your product effectively and gain an understanding of depth of field, to make your product stand out.
  5. Editing – Learn about different types of workflow software and post-production methods to edit your images. Understand colour correction, exposure, contrast, sharpening and shadows.
  6. Image sizing and re-sizing – Learn all about sizing and re-sizing images for print and websites and how to optimise them for social media. You will also learn about image file types, such as a JPG and PNG and understand how to send and share large images effectively.


COST:   95€ per person - (50% deposit payable on booking)

DATES & TIMES:   Tuesday 19th September - 10:00 to 16:30


Your device; Smartphone, Compact camera, SLR or DSLR Camera.  There will also be various devices available to use throughout the day.

A sample of your products to photograph.  Ideally small items, however, if your products are large, please get in touch or we have lots of pieces available to practice with.  We also have a vast range of props available to use if needed.

A packed lunch. Refreshments will also be available throughout the day

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