♥ Al Fresco - Cream Dream
♥ Al Fresco - Cream Dream
♥ Al Fresco - Cream Dream
♥ Al Fresco - Cream Dream

♥ Al Fresco - Cream Dream

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The perfect vanilla patio backdrop to enjoy strawberries and cream.

Frenchic Al Fresco, the new, unique exterior chalk paint has been developed specifically for wooden furniture, but loves most surfaces. Perfect for harmonising the garden.

 Great for masonry, painted garage doors, UPVC.

Just the job for plastic garden furniture with its flexible-friendly properties.

Perfect for fences, plant-filled terracotta pots, outdoor toys and pet hutches without risk to children, animals or plants.

 All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from flaking paint before applying Al Fresco. Certain surfaces require specific preparation;

 Painted garage doors and metal garden furniture, as well as UPVC front doors; sand lightly to eliminate debris and to key the surface.

Bare or new unpainted metal; prime with Finishing Coat to help prevent rusting.

Untreated redwood, cedar and mahogany; prime with Finishing Coat to seal their resin-filled knots.

Wooden furniture or fencing pre-treated with wood stain or linseed type oils needs to be Weathered prior to painting.

 The Al Fresco range is a two-coat product, which likes mild weather whilst it dries. Once dry, however, it is weatherproof and will put up with all that the seasons can throw at it.

 This hard-wearing, breathable paint, like all our Frenchic products, requires no stirring, shaking or water-dilution. Apply with Frenchic paint-brush, or indeed any quality brush. After use, clean the brushes in warm water and washing-up liquid.  Ideally, apply both coats in the same day. Allow two to three days drying time for furniture subject to hard use and/or items that will come into direct contact with soft furnishing.


Frenchic ® Al Fresco is a water based, very low VOC exterior chalk and mineral furniture paint specially developed to protect your outside furniture while at the same time transforming your garden into a pleasurable, relaxing outdoor environment. Complying with EN71:3** means that it is safe to use on children's toys.

Coverage: 750ml can covers approximately 7.5m2 per coat. Coverage will vary depending on the condition of the surface. Rougher wood will reduce the coverage.

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