♥ Frensheen - Gorgeous Gold

♥ Frensheen - Gorgeous Gold

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Frensheen ~ simply divine!

Frensheen is an environmentally friendly mineral powder that is REACH certified meaning it is of the highest cosmetic quality. It looks like a sparkling shimmering loose eye shadow powder when you first open the little tub and is available in five beautiful colours: Gorgeous Gold, Sexy Silver, Beautiful Bronze, Green Goddess and Cool Copper. It is extremely easy and fun to use and you can attain quite startling results with it.

You can use Frensheen by mixing it with either Clear Wax or with Finishing Coat, the more you mix the more startling the result you will achieve. For example: take a teaspoon of Frensheen and mix with two tablespoons of Clear Wax to achieve a sexy shimmering sheen on your furniture. Apply with a Frenchic waxing brush, wiping away the excess. Leave for an hour or so then buff to a Frenchic gleam and watch it shimmer!

Or you can mix it into a paint consistency with Finishing Coat, the more you mix the thicker the paint will become. Simply add a couple of teaspoons or more of Frensheen into a small container and squirt in Finishing Coat mixing as you go until you have a paint consistency. This is fabulous for stencilling or picking out highlights of a piece of furniture or indeed whole panels or even the whole thing!

You can also make it into a wash by adding more Finishing Coat – one colour on top of the other looks fab. For example Green Goddess peeping thru Cool Copper around a mirror looks amazing! It doesn’t need waxing once applied in this manner nor do you need to seal with Finishing Coat.

A fab little tip is to use a small container that has a lid for your mix as one the lid is in place and secured, your Frensheen mixed with Finishing Coat just needs a shake and it’s ready for your next project!


Safety: Frensheen should be used in a ventilated area with a dust mask as the powder can become airborne.