Large Stencil Brush - No.18 - 3 cm
Jane Kelly Designs

Large Stencil Brush - No.18 - 3 cm

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Large Stencil Brush - No.18 - 3 cm
Pure natural bristle stencil brush ideal for large stencil designs and large stencilling projects. 
  • Made in the UK.
  • Pure natural bristle, soft at the end for nice smooth finish to your stencilling.
  • Great quality and perfect for smaller stencils and adding finer details to larger stencils.
  • The flat end is made for stencilling, allowing close contact to the surface being painted without the bristles moving under the stencil and spreading paint beneath it.
  • Use with any type of paint, for all types of stencilling.
Please note that we cannot send brushes to Australia as the natural hair is a prohibited product. 

For best results never overload the brush with paint, use thicker paints and apply to the end of the brush only. Remove excess paint onto a paper towel and apply to the stencil in a swirling movement or up and down (stippling) movement. Keep the brush at a 90 degree angle to the stencil.

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